Innovatively Transparent

As a company we strive to set ourselves apart by creating a completely transparent general contracting process. Here are a couple of ways we stand out from the competition.


Transparent From the Start

We set ourselves apart from the beginning. During the design process, we create a feasibility plan that provides complete comfort for our client while walking them through the rezoning process (If necessary). Next we work through the design process even further to create something you will find pride in for years to come.

Before we begin construction we create and investment plan. With the investment plan we are able to show the client where their money is going and how they are going to make it work for them.


Transparency During the Build

During the build, we open our books completely. This idea of opening our books with the client enables us to create a completely transparent transaction between our clients and ourselves. Our goal is to remove all grey areas from the entire process. Utilizing google docs, our clients are able to see how and where their money is being used in real time. Not only can our client see every penny that is spent, they are also able to see the daily updated schedule of the build.


What Happens to Saved Money?

Saved Money, this is the big one. Unlike other general contractors, we want to save you money. Part of our transparent structure Includes incentives we have designed for ourselves. During the negotiation process we discuss different options to split the savings 80/20, which benefits both parties involved in the project. This creates an incentive for us to save you money. I.E. If we project your build will cost (X) and we deliver a product that ends up costing 50% less than we projected, we will split the savings with you. Other GC’s will keep the saved money and count it as an extra Profit. This is what truly makes us an innovative and transparent company.